The Good News is things have been going well in our household and I am Happy!  The Bad News is this is why I haven’t posted anything in weeks.  Ooops.  Between new medication and an upswing in how life has been going I just haven’t felt like dwelling on my lonely womb.  Of course the guilty side of myself keeps berating me for not posting anything lately.  So… Here I am.  Hi!  Howdy!  How Are ya?

First off a definition of Déjà vu for those who may not be familiar.  Per Wikipedia: Déjà vu, from French, literally means “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past.

Anyhow, I have been experiencing Déjà vu a lot lately.  This makes me exceptionally happy.  “Why, you ask?  A long time ago (probably 16 years at least) I read that before our life begins we have set a predetermined path for ourselves.  This path is intended to have us learn something within this life time and Deja Vu moments are there to tell you that you are on the right path.  I have never been a “religious” person but have always felt a certain spirituality and that we have a purpose.  This concept us having set let’s say a Learning course for each lifetime (yes, possibly more than 1 lifetime) was written by the now deceased Sylvia Browne in her book “The Other Side and Back”.  I’ll put more information and some excerpts from the book at the bottom of this post.

As a person who has never really been sure of what I want to make out of this life it was comforting to think that during those times of Déjà vu that perhaps I was on the right path.  Anyhow, this whole concept stuck with me and it usually seems to parallel times when either things are going really well and my life is gaining something of value or even tough times that turned out to be a necessary stepping stone to something better.

In the last 3 or maybe 4 years Déjà vu has not happened all that much and in that time we have gone through a lot of heartache and a ton of change.  It was definitely a time where I have felt somewhat lost in the world (more than my usual).  So, when I started experiencing Déjà vu over and over again last month (June) and it keeps happening I feel like the world is somehow righted again and we are on the right path.  This has also helped me in feeling that maybe this time our happiness can last a bit longer before “the other shoe drops” so to speak.  Numerous times in the recent past we might have something really great happen only to have it quickly diminished by an equally intense low and negative experience.  Yes, life ebbs and flows but damn this girl needs the happy for longer than two minutes on occasion.

I choose to believe that perhaps we will be in a happy upswing for a while and can breathe a bit.  So, Happy Happy Joy Joy and all that.  As when I am happier I tend to neglect the Blog I am going to have to come up with a bit of an outline and just follow it.  Hopefully my writing will improve when I am happier as well.  Those darker times sure help with my creativity for sure so my writing, painting and all other creative outlets have suffered some lately.  I think I just need more practice during those happy times.

I hope you are experiencing some Happy times too.

Blessings, Lara

As promised here is more information about Sylvia’s book and a couple of excerpts.  I really do love this book.


“Almost every religion on earth accepts the fact that our spirits survive death.  But tell people you can communicate with those spirits and they will think you are nuts.”

“The Other Side is right here among us, another dimension superimposed on our world, some three feet above our version of “ground level.”  Its vibrational frequency is much higher than ours, which is why we don’t perceive it.”

“Our purpose in coming here is to learn and to gain knowledge”