Let me say that my dear sweet husband was ready to have children way before I was.  I think he started asking me the “when” question around 2004.  Took me a while but was finally ready in 2006 to prepare (yes, I am a planner at heart).

November 2006 – Tossed out the Birth control pills.  Plan to be off them for several months before TTC.

January 2007 – Got more serious with my diet to be at healthier weight before TTC.

March 2007 – Have lost nearly 50lbs and getting excited to start trying for our family.

June 2007 – TTC put on hold as A Benign Tumor was discovered in my chest.  Surgery involved cracking my chest open, recovery was slow.

September 2007- Got the green light from our Dr. that I was recovered enough to begin TTC again.  Started tracking ovulation and TTC.  This is our Anniversary month so we were happy to begin trying (finally).

November 2007 – We have our First Positive Pregnancy Test.  Feeling very excited we tell close family and friends.  First ultrasound confirms pregnancy but too early to see heartbeat.

December 2007 – Follow up ultrasound indicates not change and that we will most likely suffer miscarriage despite my hormone levels still increasing.  We miscarry nearly a week later.  It took me nearly a week to miscarry fully and I had never felt so alone, disappointed and scared.

December 2007 – Dr. indicates that as our first pregnancy this is quite normal and to wait another cycle and then begin trying again.

February 2008 – We begin TTC again.

April 2008 – Positive Pregnancy Test #2  By the time I had blood work done I was no longer pregnant.

August 2008 – Positive Pregnancy Test #3 Blood work confirmed but follow up tests indicated I was already miscarrying.

For the next several months my period was not consistent.  Started Acupuncture to help regulate.

November 2009 – Positive Pregnancy Test #4.   Another quick miscarriage.

June 2010 – Positive Pregnancy Test #5.  Bloodwork confirmed pregancy and low Progesterone levels.  Placed on supplemental with blood work follow ups every 3 days.  The next bloodwork indicated a decrease in hcg and miscarriage.

September 2010- Did IUI in the hopes that getting pregnant with some help might do the trick.

October 2010 – IUI didn’t work.

November 2010- Positive Pregnancy Test #6.  Blood work confirmed hcg doubling, placed on Progesterone and ultrasound ordered.

November 2010 – Ultrasound gestational sac with yolk sac present – no heartbeat visible but too early at 6wks. Ultrasound ordered 1 wk out.

November 2010 – 7w3d Gestational sac with yolk sac present and have increased significantly since last u/s.  No fetal pole or heartbeat but may be too early. Repeat ultrasound scheduled in 1 week.

December 2010 – Began having miscarriage before return to Dr. for 3rd Ultrasound.

January 2011 – Miscarriage from previous month never completed and I was having periodic bleeding.  Had first and hopefully last D&C procedure.

I want to note that I have left out all of the various tests I had undergone thus far but rest assured myself and my husband were tested for just about everything the docs could think of.  I learned a lot and a little at the same time.

March 2016 – Since this last miscarriage in 2010/2011 I put the whole TTC ordeal on hold.  It wasn’t really meant to be such a long break but life happens.  We haven’t given up and I am far more mentally capable of us trying again in the hopefully near future.  I recently turned 40 so I know we don’t have a ton more time to wait.  I hope I will be updating this timeline shortly with where we go from here.